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So this is my first blog post for Matt Frizzell Online.  Welcome.

I’m some kind of sojourner, father, critic, and theologian.  I believe in the power of thought. 

Thinking = freedom.  Not “truth” or “reality,” but freedom.   I follow the Frankfurters on this. (If you’re familiar with Critical Theory, you’ll know what I mean…if not, no worries).   I believe critical thinking and self-expression is a powerful act of faith and indignancy.  It preserves subjectivity by putting into action, you might say, that freedom of the individual human spirit. 

Critical thought is also a discipline, an act of love.  Therein lies its connection to faith. 

As some kind of aspiring theological thinker, I think about God, life, and life-together out of a feeling of deep conviction.  Theology makes thinking an act of faith.  In the case of God-talk, critical thinking is an an act of love: loving with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.   

The life of the mind cannot live apart from the soul.  Criticism and contemplation, marinating in meditation, and reading and writing, all reach beyond themselves and express our heart’s passion for life and clarity.  To think or believe that the mind, body, and soul are separable or exist separately is bad religion, a bad fantasy, or poorly spun myth.  Minds without souls and thoughts disembodied are just abstract ideas, out of touch and incapacitated by its own detactment from life and the living. 

So, to think is to love.  To theologically think is to do so passionately.   Such thinking is always some kind of testament.  

So there you have it.  My first post.  Gotta run.


One response to “Blog Thought

  1. You, Matt, are a deep thinker. Your ideas are thought provoking and therefore, an invitation to know God and His love and grace. Thank you for sharing your ideas, philosophy, theology, LOVE with us.

    Love you – Dad

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