Revelation, Ongoing

Ongoing revelation.   It’s the idea that God continues to reveal to us – to humanity and to all the world.  God’s will, God’s Word, God’s purposes – even who God is! – continues to unfold.  It’s the idea that breaks open all hopes of having a closed, fundamentalist, or unchanging faith or religion.  No matter how chosen, how special, how endowed – none of us can fully behold God and God’s ongoing purposes.   Ongoing revelation is a conviction that affects our very idea of God.  It is central to our Restoration tradition, our faith, and the idea of restoration itself.   

All of life, all human understanding, all religions, all beliefs, all churches, all ministers, prophets, and doctrines are partial.  They are incomplete.

Even if Jesus is the full revelation of God’s love and Kingdom among us, somehow, there is more.  Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and the life (John 14:6).  As such, who Jesus is unfolds into how we understand our relationships with others.  Ultimately, Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection unfold into history.  They open up new revelations to us:  new revelations of ourselves, of life, and community.  This is where we restoration-types open up our imaginations to Zion: a new community, a city, a people.   

Revelation is onging.  That is why the restoration is not over.  That is why our faith is not finished.  That is why we are a movement.  That is why we still live in scriptural times. 

Ongoing revelation.



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