Sexual Policy and the Church

On June 6th, I posted a piece entitled “Sexual Policy and the Church” on the  independent blog  While I write about my experience as a minister of the Community of Christ, my observations reach beyond any one denomination.  It discusses the way the politics of sexuality and church in the U.S. church distort the issues of faith and human sexuality involved.  I try to reflect on my discipleship to Jesus in my struggle to survive these politics.

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5 responses to “Sexual Policy and the Church

  1. Matt, your article is very thought-provoking, humbling, and motivating. It is frustrating when the Church is reluctant to make a decision on an issue such as this that has been around for some time. I realize it is difficult considering the impact a decision (either way) such as this would have on the Church…another exodus. As with other peace and justice issues, those who raise a voice for equality are often “shouted down” by those who react in fear, ignorance, and sometimes hate. I believe change will be slow in coming but it will come when those who hear the call to raise a prophetic voice do so boldly without fear. Doing so will have consequences but I will take the faith position, perhaps idealistically, that truth will prevail.

  2. Matt,

    When you refer to the “church in the U.S.” I am assuming that you are speaking of the “Christian” church and not of any particular denomination. Is that correct?

    It is interesting to look back at the history of humanity to see how our sexuality and the “appropriate or accepted” expression of that sexuality has evolved and/or developed over the centuries. To explore how “the church” has influenced that development, how outside social relationships have influenced that development. And how the consequences of unbridled sexual activity has shaped that which society has accepted as appropriate. Yes, politics (church and secular politics) plays a hugh roll as does pier pressure or public opinion.

    It will be interesting to see how society (and the “chruch”) continue to struggle with the changes that society is currently going through. May we be present to God’s grace through Jesus Christ and may we receive His peace.

  3. Matt:

    Your self-described “rant” on the Saint’s Herald Thread on Sexual Policy about the nature of how we are saved (comment #298) has continued to influence me for the month since you wrote it. I find it so strong, I had occasion to cite it on a Mormon Heretic (a Mormon blog) thread today discussing Steve Veazey’s interview in the magazine version of the Herald. (this gets confusing, doesn’t it?)

    Just thought you’d want to know your theology is appreciated by those outside your MC.

    • DH – Wow. Thanks for such feedback. It’s humbling to know whenever someone appreciates your thoughts.

      Rock on…matt

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