To Margo

There are times in life to remember those who make you who you are.  Margo, my best friend and spouse of 12 years, went back to school today after winter break. She is a Kindergarten teacher for Chicago Public Schools.  Being a teacher, some days, is hard.

She has supported me through so many aspects of my life.   So, I simply wanted to offer her this verse…to say “I Love You,” and “Thanks.”

Here’s to those who stand by us, our best of friends.

I thought of you today

I thought of you today
As we prepared your room
With little chairs and number lines
For minds not yet in bloom

I thought of you today
When I left to start my day
Laptop, coffee, and alone
You’d want to start this way

I thought of you today
As I wrote this very verse
You’re with kids in class right now
Would this day bode better or go worse?

I thought of you today
Finally hoping I’m to blame
For making your day a little different
As the one thing that stays the same


2 responses to “To Margo

  1. Okay! Enough with the mushy, if you two get any cuter I might become involuntarily ILL.

    It’s good to see in a society where divorce almost seems inevitable, that the sanctity in marriage is not yet dead. To many more mushy love poems shared by the two of you, may God bless you!

  2. As a father reading this means so much. I’m so blessed that my “little girl” has a loving, caring and wonderful husband. As she was growing up all I wanted for her was happiness. I know that she has her good and bad days, but it means to much to me that she has a sanctuary at home where she can come to and find a little peace. Love you both so much…oh, and Kate and Z too!


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